Perfect Fit Media offers media solutions that are tailored to fit your brand. Tweet: Perfect Fit Media own a network of prime retail & airport media sites with a combined footfall of 290+million per year own and operate a UK network of prime retail and airport destinations with a combined footfall of 240 million per year, developing innovative successful campaigns for brands, agencies and direct clients.

We understand the marketplaces we operate in through research, which gives us the ability to provide insights and clear audience demographics to tailor bespoke media solutions to suit clients’ requirements.

Perfect Fit means committing to understanding a place as well as its owners do, getting under the skin of a brand, being able to provide insights  into the local audience – not just demographics. It means we can offer a range of different options at a destination, from traditional advertising to community specific activations.

As part of the Perfect Fit Media Service, we offer:

  • Detailed understanding of each marketplace we operate in
  • A cutting edge, innovative product offering including digital platforms
  • Tailored campaigns that deliver maximum ROI for our clients
  • A comprehensive client audit of advertising sites to ensure our opportunities consistently deliver optimum results
  • Regular report updates and in-depth post-campaign analysis

Knowledge, clarity, insight and choice help us create Perfect Fit and ultimately, value to people, place and brand.

As part of The Peel Land & Property Group, we share our head office with one of the leading Infrastructure, Real Estate and Investment Enterprises in the UK.