Case Studies

Landscape Digital | 22/05/2017 - 05/06/2017 | intu Trafford Centre
FGX Europe
Challenge To promote FGX Europe's key sunglasses brand within Boots by being in proximity to their key stores.
Solution Utilising tactically selected new large format digital screens at Point Of Sale, with tight proximity to a key Boots store at intu Trafford Centre.
Result Sales at the stores with the proximity advertising saw a larger uplift than those without the advertising.
Landscape Digital | 13/02/17 – 27/02/17 | intu Trafford Centre
JD Sports
Challenge At JD Sports we were looking at the best opportunity to ensure visibility to the audience coming into intu Trafford Centre, as well as TRAFFORDCITY, Driving awareness and presented our latest and greatest product offering.
Solution A continuous campaign throughout the year for varied campaigns at set dates, advertising on the Spectacular Digital Panels at intu Trafford Centre.
Result The advertising at intu Trafford Centre has contributed to the success of the JD store here at intu Trafford Centre. The sites enabled us to be visually dominant, driving awareness and footfall into store.
Light Boxes | 10/08/2015 - 03/08/2020 | intu Trafford Centre
Fords Of Winsford
Challenge As we opened a new dealership in Trafford park (our first location expansion in over 50 years) we needed to raise awareness that we were open for business and to engage audiences from Manchester and the surrounding towns. With such a prime location we were paying more than usual for dealership space, the value obviously lying with the huge passing traffic and footfall levels. We needed to make the most of the Trafford Centre footfall to capitalise on our new location.
Solution Permanent signage across escalator and car park exit points plus X4 billboards around Trafford Park.
Result We managed to hit the ground running with our Trafford dealership with encouraging sales numbers from day one. 'Owning our own back yard' meant that competitors could not tempt shoppers away from our area. The exit signage also helped drive spontaneous footfall after shoppers left the centre and before they had decided what to do next.