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Flexible Working at Perfect Fit Media

Flexible Working at Perfect Fit Media

Reading an article from Campaign Mag titled ‘Can Flexible Working Ever Work in ADLand or is it Just A Pipe Dream?’ (https://www.campaignlive.co.uk/article/flexible-working-ever-work-adland-just-pipe-dream/1654887) Has got us thinking about how at Perfect Fit we support and benefit from flexible working. Flexible working is a huge benefit to our team as it allows us to work around our families, any appointments and even simply travel at different times to avoid traffic.


Within Perfect Fit Media our staff have said, “Being offered flexible working enhances my work life balance and gives me the opportunity to manage a busy life while being successful and committed to my career.” Showing that flexible working is a huge benefit to our team and can increase productivity when done correctly.



When asked about flexible working many of the team feels it is a vital part of being able to fulfil their jobs duties. One team member says, “Flexible working has enabled me to get my career back on track after having my children.  Juggling work/life can be challenging and without the benefit of flexibility around my career, I wouldn’t be able to continue in my chosen career path. Anxiety levels are a lot lower which means I’m more successful and happier at home and in my work environment.”


By being allowed flexibility many of the Perfect Fit Media team feel happier as it allows them to spend time and still be there for their children with one member saying, “The opportunity at PFM for flexible working has been so positive for me. As a working mum, with a small child who has recently started school, the flexibility has meant that the potential stress level at the beginning of a day, or the end, is completely different to how it could be working in a more rigid environment.”


Diane, the director of Perfect Fit Media, says “Offering the team flexible working, enables staff the time to create a healthy work/life balance, and as long as the work is completed, employers should be open to how, when and where work is performed. With fantastic connectivity in this day and age, people can work virtually anywhere there is a Wi-Fi signal and where there is no need to be present at an office 9am to 5pm, we actively encourage and support flexible working, whatever that may mean to each individual. At Perfect Fit Media, it is a Win/Win relationship of give and take, and with an excellent team who are always delivering the highest standards and going the ‘extra mile’ it is a complete pleasure to support everyone in making work/life balance choices.”



Amongst the team the biggest reason for the need of flexible working is to allow family time and ensure we can be there for our children. One team member said “Having the flexibility to start work a little later than the usual 9am start so that I can take my two children to school has always been a massive help to me and something I have found to be really important. Also, having the ability to work from home a couple of days a week is a great benefit which obviously has a positive effect on my work-life balance.”


It is an echoed thought amongst the team that flexible working is a benefit, even if it’s just working during times that suit your routine better or to help lessen the stresses of travel, with one member of the team stating, “As I’m always up with the lark, it’s great to be able to attend to some tasks early, getting ahead of myself for the day. Not having to tackle the M62 towards Manchester from Liverpool during the rush-hour makes such a difference to my health and well-being. Leaving home just after 9am means I sail through to Media City in approx. 45mins. It’s just wonderful to have the flexibility and give from my company.”


We also realise the flip-side to the flexible working debate noting that, “It’s very much something which works both ways, and there is responsibility on both sides to make it truly work. There must be respect, maturity and a genuine passion and investment on the part of the flexible employee. We may work super early, or a bit later, but making it ‘work’ for work all the same. The opportunity to manage a busy personal and work life with balance and commitment is extremely refreshing. I think it inspires the desire to do better, work better, work smarter, and enjoy and celebrate the successes when they come.”

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