Case Studies

Landscape Digital | 22/05/2017 - 05/06/2017 | intu Trafford Centre
FGX Europe
Challenge To promote FGX Europe's key sunglasses brand within Boots by being in proximity to their key stores.
Solution Utilising tactically selected new large format digital screens at Point Of Sale, with tight proximity to a key Boots store at intu Trafford Centre.
Result Sales at the stores with the proximity advertising saw a larger uplift than those without the advertising.
Landscape Digital | 13/02/17 – 27/02/17 | intu Trafford Centre
JD Sports
Challenge At JD Sports we were looking at the best opportunity to ensure visibility to the audience coming into intu Trafford Centre, as well as TRAFFORDCITY, Driving awareness and presented our latest and greatest product offering.
Solution A continuous campaign throughout the year for varied campaigns at set dates, advertising on the Spectacular Digital Panels at intu Trafford Centre.
Result The advertising at intu Trafford Centre has contributed to the success of the JD store here at intu Trafford Centre. The sites enabled us to be visually dominant, driving awareness and footfall into store.
Light box | 08/05/2017 - 19/06/2017 | LJLA
Albert Dock
Challenge To increase awareness and to attract new customers to Albert Dock. We were looking to attract both locals who use Liverpool John Lennon Airport as well as incoming visitors from Liverpool John Lennon Airport’s most popular European destinations including Spain, Italy, France and Germany.
Solution Baggage Reclaim Light box targeting all arriving passengers in a location with excellent dwell time.
Result Having advertised at Liverpool John Lennon Airport for the last few months we feel that we have a perfect audience. People arriving from all over the world can see that Liverpool Albert Dock is a popular visitor attraction with fantastic museums and restaurants, promoting a visit to our venue.
Back lit 48 sheet | 08/05/2017 - 22/05/2017 | Cribbs Causeway
Challenge To promote the Specsavers store within the Mall and make visitors aware of their offers such as 2 for 1 prescription glasses.
Solution Long term booking of more than 3 years: 2 x back lit 6 sheets facing people entering the busy entrance to the Cribbs Causeway Mall at John Lewis located within close proximity to the Specsavers store.
Result We at Specsavers have found Peel Media great to work with, and the booking system is easy to use. When we first opened our store inside the shopping centre, we had a slight issue with customers finding our store. However, when we started advertising on the billboards, this helped drive awareness of the store, and customers were finding it much easier to find us.
Back lit 96 Sheet | 26/09/17 – 25/09/18 | intu Braehead
Arnold Clark
Challenge We have been working with PerfectFit media for a number of years now and we are delighted with the standard of service that they offer us.
Solution Out of home media plays a crucial part in our integrated marketing strategy here at Arnold Clark, and ensures our brand is at the forefront of our customers’ minds when they’re choosing their next car.
Result PerfectFit has given us an ideal platform on which to share our messages with our audience, helping us to achieve targeted coverage and presence in areas where we need to enhance our brand awareness. I would warmly recommend them to any business hoping to achieve an impactful, tailored campaign with fantastic results.
Back lit 48 Sheet | 14/08/2017 - Ongoing | intu Merry Hill
JD Sports
Challenge Launching a new store at intu Merry Hill we were looking for the best opportunities to create awareness of the new store. We wanted to let the intu Merry Hill audience know that we have a fabulous new store in the shopping mall.
Solution A continuous campaign throughout the year for varied campaigns, advertising on the back lit 48 sheet at intu Merry Hill, at a key entrance location to the centre to target customers coming into the mall.
Result The advertising campaigns have contributed to the success of the opening of the new  JD store here at intu Merry Hill. The site helps us to continual increase awareness and drive footfall into the store with targeted specific media campaigns throughout the year.
Back lit 96 sheet | 02/01/2017 - 30/01/2017 | intu Metrocentre
Northumbrian Water
Challenge At Northumbria Water we were looking at the best opportunity to complement our existing advertising portfolio and were looking to promote our public awareness campaign regarding healthy drains in the North East. We were looking to engage with a high volume audience and specifically target families with young children.
Solution A 4 week campaign on intu Metrocentre’s Back lit 96 sheet advertising panel during the Christmas build up.
Result The advertising at intu Metrocentre contributed to the success of our awareness campaign. Perfect Fit Media’s advertising has provided us with a cost effective tool allowing us to engage with a local family audience and increase awareness throughout the region.
Back lit 6 sheets | 20/03/2017 - 18/09/2017 | The Peel Centre Stockport
Stockport Council’s fostering team
Challenge Stockport Council’s fostering team we were looking to enhance our current advertising strategy, with our aim being to raise awareness of the amazing opportunities available with regards to fostering.
Solution A 23 week campaign at The Peel Centre Stockport on the impressive back lit panels.
Result By advertising with Perfect Fit Media at The Peel Centre Stockport we were able to engage with Stockport families who visit the centre by promoting the benefits that surround fostering, thus aiding to the success of our awareness campaign.
Spectacular Landscape & Portrait Digital | 29/05/17 – 12/06/17 | TMBC land
CV Library
Challenge To increase awareness and online traffic to the website.
Solution We have worked with Perfect Fit Media for almost a year now, originally having booked airport activity but most recently their spectacular new roadside digital sites near the Trafford Centre in Manchester.
Result It’s a great spot, long visibility and when you arrive at the roundabouts the sites really are unmissable. They are a very friendly and responsive team, they always go above and beyond to meet our needs from quick artwork changes to campaign photos to ensure we’re happy and our advertising is a success.
Spectacular Landscape Digital | 31/07/17 – 14/08/17 | TMBC land
David Lloyd David Lloyd
Challenge At David Lloyd Clubs we were looking at the best opportunity to ensure that the audience coming into intu Trafford Centre, as well as TRAFFORDCITY, know where we are and about our 3 month gym membership offer, targeting the right audience.
Solution 4 weeks advertising on the Spectacular Digital Panels at intu Trafford Centre.
Result The advertising at intu Trafford Centre has contributed to an increase in enquiries regarding the gym membership offer. It was great to also generate more awareness using the screens to promote more than one activity that we offer at David Lloyd Clubs.
Back lit 6 sheet | 11/09/2017 | Trafford Retail Park
Flixton Girls School
Challenge At Flixton Girls School we were looking to promote our open days to an affluent local audience and in particular parents, in order to raise awareness of the excellent opportunities available for young girls at FGS.
Solution A 4 week campaign at Trafford Retail Park.
Result The targeted advertising at Trafford Retail Park was a success as it increased attendance to our open days. Advertising with Perfect Fit Media allowed us to engage with a local family audience and increase awareness of FGS throughout the region.
Provided by OOH Specialist Aviator, Five Foot8 | Back lit 48 sheets, 15/08/2015 - 29/08/2016 | LJLA
Raymond Weil Raymond Weil Raymond Weil
Challenge To promote the Raymond Weil brand and their special edition Beatles watch during Beatles week. Liverpool John Lennon Airport is the ideal location due to its association with the famous band as well as providing a high profile audience with over 30% of passengers falling into the top 2 profile groups. In addition to the 5 million annual footfall figure.
Solution Ownership of the 4 sided backlit 48 sheet structure targeting visitors entering and exiting the airport, 5 x arrivals light boxes targeting 100% of arriving passengers and light boxes at the baggage reclaim areas offering a high dwell time.
Result Meeting visitors from all around the world during Beatles Week, they mentioned that they had seen the billboards at Lennon Airport and commented on what a lovely looking watch for Raymond Weil's first collaboration. The billboards were the only form of advertising in Liverpool and a number of timepieces were sold during that week. For Raymond Weil, it is an immense honour to be the official timepiece partner of the biggest band in the world and to have huge visibility for all the worldwide fans arriving at the Beatles home town of Liverpool.